State All Star Parent Testimonials

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you, Phil and all the coaches in our State family for putting so much love and effort into our children. It really shows, not only at the gym and comps but also in the "real world". You see Mia was just hand chosen for Upper Merions Chapter of the National Honor Society ( an awarded honor for students that hold straight As and have outstanding leadership and community service skills). We are so very proud of her and needed to thank ALL those who have been such a positive influence on our daughter, as we cannot not take all the credit for her being such an awsome kid. You are helping to mold not only stellar atheletes, but also strong and confident young women and men. Thank you for helping to make Mia who she is.
Please let our coaches know how much they are appreciated. Thanks


Samantha brought home information about the STATE ALL-STAR program she heard about from a friend in her class. Sam is a junior and cheers at her high school, but they do not offer "tumbling instruction" and that is something she always wanted to do. So, the discussion ensued and one of the main issues was the logisitics - we live 1-hour away from STATE's facility. It was decided that Sam could join under two conditions: 1)that this venture would not be simply a "play-time" for her; she would have to work hard to accomplish the tumbling skills she desires 2)to measure this, we would have to see progress with her skills in the program. As you know this is a two-way street. The Child must have the desire and work ethic, and the coaching/teaching must be there. The child cannot just "wish" their skills to happen, they must work at it and have the commitment. However, to put forth this effort and be relentless equates to a "love" for the sport, not work. For those of you who are worried about your child wanting to learn tumbling skills at an older age, that you must learn when the child is younger, it's only a myth. If the child is committed to work, STATE's coaches will show her the way. As a family, we cannot be more pleased with STATE in our situation, as well as Samantha with her desire. And, I'm sure that there are many other cases like Sam's where parents' are just as proud and happy with the program also. Samantha had gone to a local gymnastics academy for private lessons for her round-off back handspring with only a little success and wrists that hurt her. As soon as Samantha started tumbling with STATE, her wrist problems went away. This season was Sam's first with STATE. It seems so long ago, but if my memory serves me right, she could only do a round-off with a strange looking kind of sideways backhandspring and ONLY with a spot. NOW, she can do on her own a succession of back handsprings properly which had been one of her goals. She is even very close to her back tuck without a spot - just in one season, STATE's coaches have brought her there. All the excellent coaching in the world will not help without the child's desire and work ethic. STATE's coaching is second to none. Their skill knowledge, patience, and psychology with the kids is amazing. I must say indeed that STATE has welcomed us into their program, and after only one year into their program, we feel like family; as well, the other parents are also great in making us feel welcomed. ALL the COACHES are great and very supportive with the kids. STATE's program is not a pressurized one; don't get me wrong, everybody wants to win, but not at the expense of enjoyment. I haven't experienced any other all-star programs, but I can't emagine anything better than STATE.



Great Job STATE!!!!!! I just want all of the cheerleaders to know how proud I was of them in New Orleans. We were great! And the parents, we really stepped it up and collectively showed our girls just how much we support them. It was really easy to cheer for the teams because they were so full of energy and you could tell they were truly having a good time. They all did a magnificent job. My daughter is on Youth black and I am so proud to say that. Youth black started the day with an almost perfect routine and they went out on that floor with more confidence than ever. This team has truly come a long way since the beginning of the season. All of the teams did a wonderful job...please keep it up girls. Finally the coaches, THANK you for everything. I truly know how hard you work and you do it because you love it! I really think you are all wonderful. When I see Phil screaming and jumping during a routine it tells me just how much his heart is in it. I feel the same way about all of the coaches but Phil verbally and physically expresses it at almost every competition. I can tell how a team is doing by watching him. I am truly proud to be part of the State Organization. My daughter skills have improved drastically in just under two years and I am very anxious to see her grow in both her tumbling and cheerleading ability. Thanks for all you do your constant efforts are greatly appreciated. If there is ever anything that I could do for any of you or the organization please let me know. I would recommend STATE to anyone interested in cheerleading. Keep up the good work. GO JAGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



My daughter, Ally, is one of the members from the start-up of the State organization four years ago. My, how the program has grown! Ally's tumbling has progressed tremendously in those four years. She was not able to do a cartwheel straight when she started and now she is performing a round-off, double hand-spring. She has only attended special tumbling offered through State and I am in awe of how much she has accomplished. She is working on a standing back tuck, a punch front and a running pass with a back tuck. I am looking forward to seeing her perform these additional tumbling passes in future routines. Through her love of the program, her sister, Toria, has joined State as well. This is her second year. Both of my girls love the program, the coaches and competing. As a parent, I love sitting in the arenas and cheering our girls on. I am proud to be a member of this organization and am thrilled that my girls enjoy it as much as they do. Thank you to all of the coaches who put so much of their time and devotion to our kids, you are very much appreciated.
Proud parent of Ally (Youth Red) and Toria (Tinies)


I wanted to let you know what a great job you guys are doing! The girls routine this year has come so far in such a short time and the values you promote are a breathe of fresh air. My children are involved in a great many activities and while its a lot of commitment, its the best organized sport I have been privy to be a part of.
Thanks again,


I wanted to take a moment to thank you as well as all of your staff for all of your hard work and dedication to these teams. This year has been an amazing experience for Marissa. State has taken her cheerleading skills to a whole new level. She is now doing tumbling skills we never imagined her doing so soon. The positive encouragement from her coaches really made her feel like there was NOTHING she could not do, and for her that has been a new and very welcomed feeling.
It is not just the cheerleading skills that makes us so proud to be a part of this organization. State staff really expresses the importance of being a team, working together, and supporting each other and that is very hard to find in an All Star team. A lot of teams put all the focus on winning the Grand Prize and really loose sight of the fact that this is for the children, you want them to go out there be the best they can be, have FUN, and teach them to be proud of themselves no matter what the end result is, THAT IS WHAT WE FOUND WITH YOU GUYS. Our girls have worked hard, gone out there and competed against some really tough teams and have still done GREAT while having tons of fun!!!!!!!!!!!
Again thank you and we looked forward to next year...GO JAGS
Jaime and Jason
very proud parents


We belong to an organization that is sort of like an extended family. They always take time, sometimes a lot of time, to teach the routines. They like to have fun but know that it takes a lot of hard work to be successful. We meet and kid around, even outside of meets and practices (if there is such a thing, HAHA). They teach our kids how to be disciplined and respectful. They also teach them how to be champions. There is no "I" in team. The organization is fun to be involved in and I'm glad we found them. Go STATE!
Joe S.


I just want you to know what a great experience she has had this past year. I recently had a teacher conference this week and she definitely brings her State Spirit to school. Her teacher showed me many projects and worksheets that she wrote about her cheerleading ups and downs with State. Even when they had tough weeks at competitions she was very proud of their performance. She is especially proud of how far she has come in getting her back handspring. Considering she could barely do a cartwheel when she started.
As a parent I just want to express many thanks and appreciation to all the coaches for working with her and giving her confidence in something that she enjoys while she is learning great showmanship and respect for her teammates.