Question: Does my daughter or son need to have previous cheerleading experience?

Answer: Not at all, we will teach them all the skills that they will need. We welcome cheerleaders of all ability. We are looking for individuals with a positive attitude!


Question: Can I cheer for my school team and your all star team?

Answer: Yes! We encourage the cheerleaders to cheer for their school team. We are very willing to work with the coaches in the area to ensure that the cheerleaders are getting the very best instruction that they can get. We do however discourage individuals from doing other all star teams.


Question: Do you have fundraisers to help with the costs?

Answer: Yes we do! During the year our parent association will participate in fundraisers to help with the costs of the team. We have also gone to great length to keep the cost down for the cheerleaders.

If you have any other questions please email us at (copy and paste into your email client).